October: Kirstene, Mehdi, Carley, and Antonio presented research posters and Sebastian gave a research talk at the 2019 BMES Conference!

October: Huge congratulations to Mehdi, Kirstene, and Matt for their accepted review article in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences! Their article overviews high-throughput techniques to identify biomaterials for bone and cartilage regeneration. Read here: https://nyaspubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/nyas.14247

October: We have new lab space at the Joint Health Sciences Center! The JHSC is located a short walk to the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, allowing us to do translational research side by side with our medical collaborators. 

September: Brandon Herb (first year BME PhD) and Cameron Burns (first year BME MS) join the Vega Lab!

September: Adriana Fasino (first year BME undergrad) joins the Vega Lab!

September: Matt Lowe, Roshni Gandhi, and Khushi Sarin (third year BME Engineering Clinic undergrads) join the Vega Lab!

July: High School students Roshan Patel and Matthew Rondinella spent 5 weeks in the Vega Lab as RISER Scholars (https://www.rowan.edu/gsbs/research/high_school.php) and did an awesome job presenting their summer work!


July: Antonio Quinones won first place for his research poster in the Vega Lab as a Rowan University BioMedical REU student - congratulations! 














June: Dr. Vega was the guest speaker for the annual Cooper Bone and Joint Institute Research Day! 

June: Our Liberty Blue peptide synthesizer arrived and we are very excited to make our own peptides in the lab! 

May: Dr. Vega and Laura Osorno host Glassboro High School students for a day of BME fun - huge thanks to Ms. Susan Powers and all participants!

May: Carley Robinson (incoming second-year BME undergrad) joins the Vega Lab!

May: Sarah, Katie, and Sebastian are doing awesome things this summer! Sarah accepted the Amgen Scholars Program at UCLA, Katie will do summer research supported by the USDA Wallace-Carver Fellowship, and Sebastian is spending his summer at the Center for Engineering MechanoBiology (CEMB) REU in Dr. Jariwala's lab at Penn. #proudPI.

March: Dr. Vega presents first research talk (invited) and Sarah presents first research poster at the Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC) hosted by Rutgers University! Two big firsts for the Vega Lab!

January: Our proposal titled Injectable Hydrogels for Delivering Biologics to Reduce the Incidence of Osteoporosis-Related Hip Fractures was selected for funding from the Camden Health Research Initiative! Read more here: https://today.rowan.edu/home/news/2019/01/24/rowan-university-announces-3-million-funding-research-camden


December: Dr. Vega and his Biotransport class pose for a group picture on the last day of class!

October: First Vega Lab consumables order has arrived!

September: Katie Driscoll (first-year BME undergrad) joins the Vega Lab!

September: Sarah Furman and Sebastian Naranjo (third-year BME Engineering Clinic undergrads) join the Vega Lab!

September: Mehdi Benmassaoud, Kirstene Gultian, and Matt DiCerbo are the first graduate students to join the Vega Lab!